GMC Vs Chevrolet Trucks

Published: 16th January 2012
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Tracing back the history of GMC trucks, we can see that it has rooted from the early 1900’s company, Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Rapid Motor Company was known for the sole-cylinder engine trucks it has offered in the market. In 1909 General Motors acquired the company and that paved the way to the emergence of General motor trucks.

In the same time, early 1900's, GMC or General Motor Corporation also acquired another automaker, the Reliance Motor Car Corporation. These two GM acquisitions were joined in the year 1911. After a year the first GMC trucks were released in the market in the 1912 New York Motor Show. The experts in the said show have given positive and engaging responses to the GM trucks.

Since the company name is usually abbreviated to GMC, it is usually confused with the GMC, the truck. To solve that, the company decided to change its name from General Motor Corporation to simply General Motors or GM. So the GMC became the brand name for the large vehicles produced by the company. Yellow Coach, a bus maker, has sold most of the shares of stock to GM in 1925 giving it the controlling shares. In 1943, GM totally purchased the company and transformed it into the Coach Division of the General Motors.

GMC was able to create as much as 600,000 huge autos for the US government military group during the period of World War II. The large vehicles being offered by GMC today include SUV's, Lorries, military tanks and trucks which were put up on sale in centers situated in Middle East as well as North America.

The manufacture of huge vehicles by GM such as the urban coaches and trucks lasted until the 80's. A Canadian center was even set up in Ontario, London in 1962 to assist in the construction of coach. The construction of coaches ended in 1987 when GM sold the Transport Transit Series to the Transportation Manufacturing Corporation. The Traditional designed division on the other hand were purchased by the Canadian Motor Coach Company.

The creation of GMC vehicles such as pick-up trucks and SUV's carry on till these days. Although during the course of history, GMC also put up vehicles such as the fire trucks, buses, coaches, military tanks and mobile homes. Under the General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC is sister companies, these two divisions are typically offering vehicles that have matching outer shell. The only variations are on the nameplates plus the style of the grille. The GMC sports headlights that are quadrangle since 1962 up to their 1972 vehicles conversely Chevrolet offers dual headlights.

The lead of GMC over Chevrolet lays on the fact that Chevrolet autos are exclusively tendered by Chevrolet dealers while GMC is also offered by other GM division dealers like Cadillac and Pontiac. The creation of similarly styled vehicles by GMC and Chevrolet lasted until the year 2007. In that same year though, GM offered the models Sierra and Silverado that are completely different from Chevrolet models.

Chevrolet and GMC are successful in their own territory. Chevrolet is more favored in US as compared to GMC. In Canada, the opposite s true, GMC is more preferred as compared to Chevrolet. But since both brand names were under GM, it only means that GM is a company that is big in the auto market. It is well known all around the globe for its huge, customer-oriented and dependable vehicles.


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